Search Engine Optimization Explained - What You Need to Know

Ever catch your self scratching your head in utter confusion whenever somebody around you mentions something about search engine optimization?

If so you're certainly not alone.  

Learning search engine optimization gets tougher and tougher as time goes on.

Having said that take a look at the following article that explains what search engine optimization is all about.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy – Explained

What is Search Engine Optimization

This is a term that is kicked around a lot these days, and marketers are still reaping huge fees for it from customers. It’s been around a while, but many businesses are just starting to investigate the concept of Search Engine Optimization and how it impacts their own business.

Simply put, it refers to activities that attempt to improve the ‘ranking’ of a website in search engine listings. When users type a keyword (let’s use ‘plumbers’ as an example) into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), that search engine returns a list of website links that are ranked by the search engine based on numerous criteria. The goal of these search engines is to prioritize links that are more relevant to the user’s keyword search. How these search engines rank links differs, but most place emphasis on the relevance of content on the site and the popularity of the site.

Do I need Search Engine Optimization?

Let’s use the yellow pages to answer that question. How important is/was yellow pages advertising to your business? If you are in certain industries or service lines, it may not be important at all. But, if you need stand out against your competition when new customers are searching for you, then you probably need search engine optimization for your website.

What do I do about Search Engine Optimization?

Here’s the first thing you need to know, which will help explain what you’re trying to accomplish – search engines have replaced yellow pages. Your page ranking on a search listing indicates to the user that your site is both relevant to their search and considered important by other users. Hopefully, the user will click on the first few sites and find your website. Your website design then takes over.

To improve your ranking, two things need to occur. Because search engines ‘crawl’ the Internet looking for links, text, etc., your site needs to be designed (good programming, not flashy graphics) in such a way that the search engines are able to successfully crawl your site and find information. Without going into extensive detail, there are certain structural elements that need to be in place that allow this to happen. Good website designers know how to do this, but you can also design your own website using one of the many do-it-yourself packages (WordPress, Google Sites, Intuit, The framework is already designed into the site templates for you....More at search engine optimization Strategy – Explained - GRand Solutions

For more information on how SEO works take a look at the following video by Google spokesman Matt Cutts: