PPC and Traffic Generation

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services & Bid Management

At Local SEO'd, we provide full service PPC management as part of our ongoing program to properly manage budget, bid effectiveness and media. We base our company services upon the client’s needs, involving thorough analysis, use of the best PPC tools and software, plus we extensively optimize and tune your campaigns. When you choose to work with us, your dedicated pay per click provider will manage each project, provide recommendations and make changes based upon technical data and strategic insight.

We have an accomplished staff attached to your project ready to deliver results based on your needs. We have the best copywriters, PPC marketers, marketing and technical analysis professionals on staff. We also provide strategic social media and search engine optimization strategies to round out our consulting and the services that we provide. Our staff members are available to support your project at every level.

Pay Per Click Management Service Fees

Our pricing structure is designed to meet all of your needs. The program itself is designed to not only produce performance, but it also promotes knowledge transfer as we handle your account. Call 800-419-7150 to receive a quote today. We offer the most comprehensive services that focus on bid management, meeting your budgetary requirements and working toward lowering your cost per click proportionately to the potential return on investment. We also recalculate PPC costs numerous times each day. This provides an incredible competitive advantage.

We focus our PPC services on display, search and mobile network advertising through Google, Facebook, Bing and other powerful networks. We also integrate powerful paid tools into our PPC management services in order to efficiently maximize ROI.


Other PPC Services

We perform a wide variety of tasks as part of our pay per click advertising management service program, and they include:

    • Campaign Strategies Defined: After setting up your account, we’ll define ad groups and campaigns set up.
    • Advanced Keyword Selection and Research: Regardless of whether you have an existing campaign for PPC Internet advertising or not, we will perform keyword research according to our best practices in order to ensure that your campaigns contain the best, most appropriate keyword phrases.
    • Copy writing Development: When we employ our pay per click management services on your behalf, this includes effective, custom, compelling and creative writing when creating ad text – including titles and descriptions. Based on our best practices, we will develop creative text ads that best attract the attention of searchers by providing compelling content that uniquely highlights your best selling points and special offers. Our ads will then take visitors to the most relevant landing pages in order to maximize click through and conversion rates.
    • Optimize Landing Pages to Convert: Through extensive testing, we figure out the best landing page destination or recommend specific improvements to help your site(s) convert better.
    • Campaign Conversion Tracking Implementation: In conjunction with your staff, we will generate codes that will aid in conversion tracking based on all of your pay per click marketing campaigns.
    • Submission of Advertising: We will upload keywords and creatives for approval to the various search engines to participate in their pay per click search programs.
    • PPC Account Setting Management: We will create and then monitor and adjust the CPC (cost per click) bid to provide the ideal positions that will allow you to achieve the best results for each ad group or specific campaign keyword. This will help to meet your predetermined business objectives. The cost per click bid specifically refers to the amount that you are going to pay for a click when someone clicks on a search network advertisement or one of the partner site ads.
    • Monthly PPC Analysis Report: We provide a detailed analysis at the end of each month going over the cost of individual keywords, conversions, campaign performance and various performance trends. We will give you a written document and also discuss the activities of the previous month over the phone while we talk about the next steps of your campaign as we move forward.
    • Assessments and Recommendations: We will make suggestions based upon our experience and of the data to help improve ad campaigns. This will include things like improving ad copy plus title and description, modifying keyword lists for quality score improvement as well as bid adjustments.
    • Testing and Optimization: Periodically, we will test new ad creatives and revise calls to action when necessary.
    • SEO Analysis and Ranking Report: Each month, we will analyze and discuss your search engine optimization strategies to figure out where you’re ranking keyword wise. We will compare this report based upon keyword bids and accounts and make adjustments when necessary.


If you feel that you can benefit from our pay per click management services, do not hesitate to give us a call at 800-419-7150 today.