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Which SEO Services Provide the Best Return on Investment?

There’s no question about it. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role when it comes to successful Internet marketing. Bing, Yahoo, and let’s not forget about Google, are by far the biggest information sources for millions of people across the globe in every age group.

This search tools main job is to sort and sift through vast amounts of information. It is there to return the most relevant information in the quickest amount of time possible. We take it for granted at this point, but the search engines save us hours of time that would have normally been spent on research.

When you type in a query, you expect the most relevant answers and results. That’s why the most relevant content theoretically ranks the highest in the search results. And the top results will always draw the attention of the user.

In fact, even though it’s not necessarily true, users typically think the first results are the best. This is not always the case, but it’s what search engine users are trained to believe. So if you want to capture their attention, you need to capture the top spots in the search engines.

To do this, you’ll need to tap into search engine optimization. SEO gives websites a major advantage and noticeable rankings within the search results.

As far as SEO services are concerned, there are two specific categories that play a major role in your search rankings and website performance. We’re talking about On Page search engine optimization and Off Page search engine optimization.

On Page SEO

Website design is more than just creating an attractive looking website. A good looking site is definitely important. There’s no question about it. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle, and it’s only one way to attract more visitors to your business.

Please understand that the search engines know a lot more about your website then you would think. They know how many people visit your website each day. They know how long readers stay on your site. They even know what your visitors are doing. And this is important information and it determines where your website is going to rank.

Another important factor… Visitors clicking the back button.

The search engines know if a visitor comes to your site, doesn’t like what they see and clicks the back button just a few seconds later. This is called Time on Site and it plays a major role in search engine rankings.

And it affects your business as well.

You want your visitors to feel that your website is valuable. You want them to have a good experience and you want them hanging around as long as possible.

On the other hand…

If a visitor comes to your site and stays for 20 minutes or longer, it’s a good thing. This shows the search engines that the reader found what he or she was looking for. The search results were relevant and on point.

This is the future of search engine ranking. It’s the core factor of On Page SEO. We’ll say it one more time… It’s called Time on Site and it’s a major factor in Google’s search algorithm.

But it’s not the only factor…

On page search engine optimization is affected by a number of different factors. Most importantly, it’s also affected by the information that you share with the search engines. This includes keywords, titles, tags, format, videos, content, images, links, the structure of your site and so much more. Each one of these pieces of information play a serious role in regards to whether or not your page is going to rank.

When it comes to On Page SEO services, we focus our time on the individual elements of a webpage. We make sure that the page is both search engine friendly and user friendly.

Here’s the thing…

You may have content on your website that you love. Ultimately, you want it to stay as close to the original as possible. But we can refine the content to make sure that it meets all of the requirements for high rankings in the search engine results.


You may want fresh content. Brand-new content optimized for the web. We can help, and do so in a way so that the content connects with your visitors and brings more business into the fold.

Remember, quality content is king in today’s world. Plus the search engines will always look for the right signals. The signals that show them your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for when they reach your website. The search engines are getting much better at determining this information as time goes by.

Again, the On Page SEO basics typically include headlines, URLs, tags and titles. This ensures that you are set up to properly target your online audience and match the market.

Quality Content

The quality of your content is directly measured by relevance and originality. Having original content that is relevant to your industry and on topic, presented in a logical, natural manner, will draw more visitors and retain their attention. This will help your website rank highly on the Internet search engine results pages.

Let’s not forget about content optimization…

This includes all of the text on a webpage. We mainly focus on keyword phrases – the words your market enters into the search engines – because this is what your market is looking for. We ensure that your content has all of the correct keywords in place without over optimization. We also make sure that the keywords flow correctly and that your content is smooth and easy to read.

On Page Videos

In order to help easily rank a webpage with a video, it’s best to provide a transcript of the content directly on the page. To make it more relevant to the site, optimize URLs, titles and descriptions.

If you’re looking for a phenomenal way to improve your search engine optimization, creating videos is definitely the way to go. It helps improve your On Page SEO by enhancing the visitor experience. People stay on your website a lot longer when they have a video to watch. It also helps with Off Page SEO by having a powerful backlink pointing back to your website.

On Page Pictures

Even pictures play a role in search engine optimization to a degree. If your website uses an extensive amount of infographics and images, it’s important that they are each optimized correctly with the right alt text. By adding this text to the image, it’s one more signal to show Google and the other search engines that your content is relevant.

Correct Linking Structure

It’s important to properly set up a website’s internal linking structure. This makes it easy to navigate and simple to read related content. With the right internal linking structure in place, visitors will be able to easily navigate to the most relevant content on the site without the need for browsing through menus and scouring the site for the correct information.

If you have a smaller website, the home page should directly link to all of the other pages on the site. And if the website is a lot larger, it must be set up with a multitier structure. Meaning that the pages should fit within 3 to 10 different subcategories. When done correctly, this is a powerful search engine optimization site set up.

When setting up the internal linking, it’s important that you use the right keywords for the On Page anchor text. But it’s also important that the site is not over optimized, meaning the anchor text is used to often.

As an example, if you’ve created a webpage about “Minnesota plumbing supplies,” it’s important that all of the anchor text links do not contain the exact match phrase “Minnesota plumbing supplies.” It’s best to mix up the anchor text and use phrases like “plumbing supplies in Minnesota”, “plumbing supplies”, and “specialty supplies.” You get the picture. Your site might be penalized if the anchor text is not mixed up properly.

It’s also important to note that your website rankings are influenced by outgoing links. Using quality outgoing links that will enhance your visitor’s user experience is always a plus. They won’t need to go back to the search engines because they’re getting everything they need directly from your website.

Advanced On Page Search Engine Optimization

Truthfully, the semantic web is the future. By intelligently mixing keywords based on semantic connectivity and the ability to grab user generated website content, optimizing each portion of a webpage’s content and quality external referencing, you tap into a few of the possible ways to rank easier based on today’s search engine algorithm.

Off Page SEO

Off Page search engine optimization is all about how your website is referenced online. Mainly, the bulk of the Off Page search engine optimization comes in the form of backlinks pointing to your site.

When the on page content is properly optimized it will improve rankings. But it’s not the entire ball of wax. Additional promotional efforts need to be made in the form of having links point back to your site. Without them, you’ll have a difficult time succeeding in today’s online environment.

Every SEO plan needs to incorporate Off Page SEO in order to achieve success. By just following the On Page plan, you’ll have an opportunity for success, but only some of the time. It’s like driving in a car that only has three wheels. It may or may not get you to your destination, but it’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride!

High Quality Backlinks

tricolor targetWhen it comes to Off Page optimization, high quality, relevant, high domain authority and page authority backlinks will provide a major impact on your website’s rankings in the search engines.

This may sound perfect, and it is. But understand one thing… If you are an amateur – or even a professional – these links aren’t always easy to come by.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve learned and developed high quality ways to acquire these valuable links. Most other search engine optimization specialists have no clue about our secrets.

Distributing Anchor Text Naturally

After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, it became abundantly clear that SEO experts needed to begin distributing anchor text in the various, more natural ways. It’s crucial because repetitively using the same anchor text is a signal that screams over optimization.

It’s necessary to mix up the anchor text properly, by using the raw URL, the brand-name, partial keyword matches, exact match keywords at a specific percentage (it’s a secret!), longer phrases with lots of added text and a few other tricks that we save for our valuable clients. We hope you’ll be one of them very soon!

Back Link Building Timing

Timing is everything, and this saying holds true when it comes to organic back link building. In the old days, you were able to shoot thousands of links to websites or pages and almost instantly rank highly in the search engines. At this point, this is a major negative signal to Google, Yahoo and Bing. You’ll be penalized in no time if you follow this line of linking.

In today’s search engine optimization world, slow and steady wins the race. Brand-new websites, or those in a local market, just do not generate thousands of backlinks a day naturally. It’s impossible. So you have to build links slowly in order to improve rankings and appease Google.

Video SEO Marketing Services Via YouTube

Search engine optimization video marketing is very exciting and quite effective. We have mastered video marketing for the web, whether you are a local small business or a major national organization or chain. It’s truly an amazing way to promote your business on the web, and it’s the future of Internet business and promotional tactics.

The Secrets of SEO

internet-marketingNot that long ago, while spending time at an Internet marketing conference, we briefly ran into an search engine optimization consultant. When talking to this gentleman, he said something that really stood out in my mind. He said, “SEO consultants are everywhere. We are a dime a dozen.”

But here’s the truth…

Maybe he is just like the rest of the companies out there offering very little value to their customers. But we go beyond the call of duty to stand high above the rest.

We’ve heard all of the horror stories. We know how many companies have been burned by search engine optimization providers. We understand your pain and we really feel for you.

But understand this…

We know search engine optimization better than the competition. We have better tools. We know how to maximize the power of the Internet and SEO tools to help improve search engine rankings. We provide a quality service with honor and integrity. We take great pride in our work and your business means a lot to us. We make sure all of our clients feel like they are getting 10 times the value for the money they spend.

But we’re a cut above the rest...

We do things differently from most SEO providers. And the best part… We know that we are going to deliver the results you’re after. That’s why we were only able to share the basics with you today.

Our clients dominate the search engines for their market. This is not an accident. We really know what we’re doing. Our clients make a tremendous return on their investment, where other search engine optimization providers have failed to help them achieve their dreams.

In truth, most of the competition in the SEO industry really are a dime a dozen. They have no clue what they’re doing. They couldn’t crawl their way out of a paper bag. But we have the goods and we’re ready to deliver!

By capitalizing on our SEO services, we can customize a search engine optimization strategy to perfectly fit your business. If you have an existing website, we can assess the content, On Page search engine optimization and Off Page search engine optimization and make a decision from there. Or we can start from scratch if that’s what’s needed.

How Much Do We Charge for Our Search Engine Optimization Services?

Truthfully, it’s impossible to provide a one size fits all cost. That’s just not feasible since every company will need a specific plan to rank their websites and web properties.

You may be a national organization looking to rank for thousands of keywords. You’re going to pay more than the local company looking to rank for a handful of keyword phrases.

Do you see why we can’t provide a one size fits all price quote?

Remember… when it comes to Internet marketing, different companies have different needs.

Please contact us right away if you’d like to take advantage of our free online marketing analysis. Call us at 800-419-7150 or click here to send us an email.