Inhouse vs Agency SEO - Make Sure To Ask The Right Questions

These days it's not too hard to convince small business owners of the many benefits that come from a well orchestrated search engine optimization campaign.

Afterall it's pretty easy for them to understand that the more targeted prospects that find their website the more sales they make.

That's a fairly simple concept to grasp.

But with more and more search engine optimization firms appearing on the Internet landscape it's getting harder for those same small business owners to decide on which SEO specialist Perth to go with for their online marketing needs.

With that in mind we found a pretty good article that shares questions business owners should ask before hiring a search engine optimization firm or employee to handle their search engine optimization needs.

We hope you find the article as informative as we have.

10 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Agency or In-House Search Engine Optimization

Written By: Adam Dince

If your organization is looking to improve organic search rankings and performance, it’s important that you have the right people in place to get the job done well.  Not the “quick/cheat the algorithm” well, but the long-term well that comes with a sound strategy that builds equity the honest way.

In order to get your search engine optimization where it needs to be, I’ve created a list of 10 questions that any seasoned search engine optimization should be able to answer with no problem.  Your organic search performance is only going to be as good as the team you hire to do the job, so it’s important to ask the right questions.  Also, you or non-search engine optimizationteam members have a high-level understanding of the answers to the questions below.  If this is new to you, I challenge you to search the Web and research away.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


  1. , which can help you effectively manage and scale your SEO operations.  Its’ important that your team have used these tools or at least have the acumen to do so....More at 10 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Agency or In-House Search Engine Optimization AdamDince ...


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