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We usually don't make it a habit to share content from our competitors sites and blogs but when it comes to search engine optimization tips for lawyers we thought we would make an exception this time.  🙂

If you're a lawyer looking to get leads from your website this is a pretty good article to read to help you with your keyword phrases.  If you have any questions or a comment of your own after reading it let us know by posting here on the blog.

The use of keyphrases on your law firm’s website has always been necessary in order for the website to rank in Google. In the past, you could use these keywords freely, but now it’s especially important to take a minimalist approach to keyword usage.

Last year, Google’s Penguin updates, paired with their ongoing Panda updates, changed the rules for how websites were positioned in the search engine. Google is continuing to do updates, and launched the most recent one at the end of January.

In a report being organized by search engine optimization | Law Firm to be released next month, the company tested some minimal keyword usage on some of their newly launched sites.

One client, a catastrophic injury and wrongful death law firm in Washington D.C., saw a first-page ranking for “Washington DC wrongful death lawyer,” as well as other related terms, like “dc wrongful death attorney” just three months after launch. The practice area pages mentioned the keywords, but did not over-use exact-match phrases....More at Too many keywords are keeping your law firm down » search engine optimization | Law Firm

If you have anything you want to add to this discussion let us know! In the meantime take a look at this other post and video on the topic and read more at our official website.

Cool video to check out too:

SEO Services Guarantee - Hiring An Agency With Swagger

When hiring a company to help you with your online marketing it's important to hire an agency that has enough confidence and swagger to offer you an ironclad seo services guarantee on the work they propose doing for you. Nowadays you can even order online SEO services.

If an Search Engine Optimization agency isn't willing to put their money where their mouth is then it's a pretty safe bet you should take a pass on working with them until they are willing to back up their talk with their own money before you give them any of your own.

Google Main Search

When you work with our team of professionals if your page is not ranked on the first page of Google's search results pages for your campaign keywords within the first three months of your campaign, we will continue to service your project at full capacity at no additional charge. If your campaign reaches six months of age and still does not achieve its First Page results, we will refund 100% of your payment for the first three months.

That's an ironclad guarantee you can count on.

There's also a few other items you should be aware of when comparing one .  Rather than list them all out we'll let Stoney deGeyter break them down for you.  The excerpt below is from his latest blog post.

Comparing SEOs is sometimes as difficult as comparing beef enchiladas made with a red sauce to chicken enchiladas with a cream sauce. I mean, they are both from the enchilada family and probably pretty tasty, but there can only be one winner!

Where was I going with this? Oh right, comparing SEOs. In essence, all SEOs are there to do the same thing, but they come in a lot of different flavors. Depending on what meat and sauce each uses, you could end up with something that completely disagrees with you.

Thankfully, there are a few tell-tale signals that your SEO may give your site a bit of indigestion. Here are a few things you might want to look for. If you spot them, run away, run away!

7 Search Engine Optimization Red Flags

The SEO's website advertises MSN, or AltaVista as search engines they will get you ranked on.

Any search engine optimization that notes these search engines as ones they'll target are selling you something, and it doesn't smell like search engine optimization. The fact is, there is no "MSN" search engine (Microsoft's old MSN changed to "Bing" years ago),, the 4th most used search engine, captures around 3% of the total search market, and AltaVista hasn't really been a viable search engine for over a decade!

In reality, there are two search engines that matter: Google and Bing. You can throw Yahoo in there for good measure since they get around 15% of the search volume, but they are just pulling from Bing and putting their own spin on the results. Together, Yahoo and Bing cover about 30% of the marketshare to Google's 70%.

The search engine optimization advertizes their search engine and/or directory submission services.

Any kind of mass submission to search engines or directories are signs of search engine optimization circa 1998. In web years, that's like 150-year-old search engine optimization! Aside from Pay-Per-Click (which doesn't require submission) and Google's new pay-to-be-included merchant results, if your site is designed to be found, it will be. Period. Submitting to search engines is a wasted exercise. There is a reason Google doesn't even have an option for submitting to them.

As for directories, most directories have very little, if any, searcher value. That means your submissions are like passing gas in the wind. You might get a whiff of it for a second but it's gone just as fast!

Their main search engine optimization service is "optimizing meta tags."

Your page title tags withstanding, there is very little "tag" optimization that can be done that can be considered effective search engine optimization. While optimizing your page title tags is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization, it cannot be done outside of having performed your keyword research. Without keyword research, any optimization performed on your title tag is for naught.

Your meta description tag is useful for what's displayed in the search results (not actual rankings). The keyword meta tag is all but completely useless to the search engines and likely isn't worth the time it's taking me to type this right now.

More at Hiring an Search Engine Optimization Firm? Look Out For These 7 Red Flags (And Run Away If ...

Understanding that all Search Engine Optimization companies are not created equal will help save you a lot of grief in the long run.  So make sure to click the link above to see the rest of Stoney's post to learn what the rest of the red flags are you should avoid when hiring a seo agency.  While you're on his blog make sure to let him know what you think of his post!


Why Get Help With Google+ From An SEO Company

SEO Company

Search engine optimization services are a must in today’s online world of competitors jostling for the millions of internet users worldwide, we found that if you do press releases help SEO. In order to be effective at reaching potential customers, they must first be able to find your website among all the others vying for those same customers. Therefore, a good Search Engine Optimization company can be indispensable with assisting your site gain front page Google and other major search engine rankings where scurrying customers browsing for information, products and services can readily find you.

While your website is coming up through the ranks via Search Engine Optimization services, you can be actively assisting your ranking by utilizing several local marketing strategies. One of those strategies is to consistently and effectively use the Google+ service.

The Google +1 Button

Although designed to be similar to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, Google+ is not actually the same at all. The main reason for its design was not to provide a social happy hangout, but to incorporate the Google +1 Button which has several profitable benefits for your website.

Wherever the +1 Button is used, data is sent to Google who, in turn, fine-tunes search and visit results. This allows for better advertisement targeting. So, when the +1 Button is clicked on your website, it is considered an endorsement by Google and the more endorsements or “likes” you get, the higher up the ranking latter you go.

Such Google +1 endorsements are good for more than just ranking advancement however. People are more likely to visit and become customers of sites that have more endorsements. This advances your click-through rate which Google also watches and uses to raise your ranking.

Google+ Expands Your Presence and Polishes Your Reputation

Expanding your online presence is essential for higher rankings. The more places where links to your website appear, the more visitors and potential customers you draw, both of which exalt your ranking in the search engines. A good Search Engine Optimization company will work diligently to ensure that your website is broadcast far and wide. Again, you can help to expand your online presence even further by utilizing sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Bad content, articles, blogs, etc are drains on your website’s reputation since the search engines take such things into consideration when assigning rankings. Therefore, it is also important to drive bad content down into the depths of search engine oblivion where they’ll never be seen again. Google+ works to do just that.

Google+ allows for blog-like posts to be published where tons of good content and Search Engine Optimization services and practices can be applied which will drive down the other tarnishing texts that continue to plague your ranking. The more good quality Search Engine Optimization services content you provide Google, the better your search results can be indexed thereby increasing your search engine optimization via heightened visibility and increased traffic.

Get Help from a Proven Local Search Engine Optimization Company

If you need help getting starting on the task of raising your search engine ranking, contact us for proven local Search Engine Optimization services that we’ve been rending to satisfied customers for over 15 years. We are so confident in our expertise of applying effective Search Engine Optimization services that we guarantee first page search engine placement for your website within six months or we will refund your money.