How to Find Out What People Want and Lure Them to Your Site


The goal of SEO services is to drive a large number of visitors to your website in the hopes that some of them will convert into customers. Although a variety of techniques are used, this is the desired end result in the search engine optimization services game.

Basically, to lure a large number of people to view your content, whether it is through articles, blogs, videos, or a combination of them all, you have to give them something they desperately want and are greatly interested in. The problem lies in how do you know what the people want? And where do you find them in large numbers?

Following is a good SEO services method from, that you can use to find out what the masses are seeking and how to lure them to the webpage or pages of your choice.

Go Ye to the Forums

If you want to know what the mainstream talk is all about on any subject, you have to go to where those people are talking. Online, one of those main places happens to be forums. Forums are social outlets for people to inquire, complain, seek, observe, and basically ask for and receive information. Forums are excellent sources to trove for ideas and apply local marketing techniques.

In order to find forums that are discussing ideas and asking questions concerning your specific niche, go to Google and type in ‘forum:niche’ (for example: forum:scuba diving). You will receive a list of all forum matches related to that specific search subject (in this case scuba diving). You then want to visit each forum. Keep in mind that some forums require registration first while others do not.

Do Term Searches

Once you are in a forum, you can browse through some of the current conversations to get a gist of what people are talking about at the moment. However, you can get more specific ideas for good subjects to write on by doing a search within the forum for specific terms used. Look for either a search field or search tool within the forum.

Search such terms as ‘advice’, ‘I’m looking for’, ‘question about’, ‘want to find’, etc. There are numerous terms which can lead you to sought-after information so use your imagination and do some digging. Search results will deliver threads on the term you supplied and you should scan the thread to see what they are specifically looking for and talking about.

When you find threads that need something that you can provide, viola! There’s your next blog post, article, video, or whatever you want to create. Write your text and then be sure to exercise local marketing skills and offer a link to it on that forum and several others where people desire to acquire the same information.

By utilizing this one local marketing skill to meet these hungry needs of the masses and specifically target what they are hungering for, you set yourself up to receive a large influx of visits. Keep in mind, not only will the ones seeking that information visit your site, but so will many others watching those threads and finding you on Google maps and related services, as mentioned at Also, people whose needs are met through your content will mention you in the forums or other social areas when questions about that information arise.

Utilizing forums to glean information on what the masses are searching for is an excellent SEO services technique that will reward you with good results. Contact us to tap into other powerful SEO services provided by our SEO company.

Beef Up Your Backlinks with Guest Posts


Guest posting is a wonderful local marketing tool that is often encouraged and employed by companies offering seo and auto pilot seo services. Guest posts can generate a lot of good quality backlinks which are essential for advancing your search engine optimization rankings and if you’re not utilizing guest posts then you are missing out on a grand opportunity. Here’s why.

Exposure and Quality Backlinks

The two greatest local marketing benefits you receive when guest posting are exposure and good quality backlinks to your website. First of all, you are placing your material somewhere besides just on your own site. This means that the audiences of all those you guest post for are being exposed to your insight, style, advice, etc. Then, as members of the host audiences take an interest in your posts, they follow your links to your site to glean more information from you.

Not only do guest posts raise your exposure to other audiences and provide precious backlinks to your site, but it pleases the mighty Panda as well. Google’s Panda updates include searching for those sites which use responsible SEO services to acquire good quality backlinks. Therefore, when you post as a guest for quality websites that are within or related to your particular niche, Panda sits up and takes notice. This increases your exposure and banklinks even further due to the fact that Google raises your rankings and more people have access to your site when making searches.

Select Good Blogs for Submitting Guest Posts

The first rule of guest posting is to hook up with quality blogs and websites as Panda will penalize you otherwise. You have to break the “more is better” mentality and focus on SEO services that utilize quality over quantity. So how do you find good blogs for submitting guest posts? Good question.

You can start by searching for good posts with Google. Enter the term “guest post” followed by the keyword(s) that represents the niche of your website. Go through the results, look over the sites and their blogs, and make a shortlist of some of the best ones. Using a ranking service will help you gain even better results.

Once you have your shortlist, start by submitting a post to one blog owner at a time asking to look over and possibly include your writing in their blog. Not all will comply, but some will and the results you get from linking to good blogs and using good local marketing practices will be well worth the effort. Be sure to include backlinks to your site within your text. You can include them in the byline or in the body of the text which actually gets better ranking results. After you submit your posts, check the site(s) daily to see if they have been posted.

Really big tip: do NOT submit the same writing to more than one blog host at a time as this is now considered a bad SEO services practice. There are two very good reasons for this. One is that Panda will penalize the host sites for publishing duplicate content. A direct result of that will be that the hosts will obtain a very bad taste in their mouths towards you thus tarnishing your reputation and hurting your chances of being able to provide guest posts to reputable sites at all (news spread quickly in the online world of bloggers).

Should you need a helping hand with guest posting, backlinking strategies, or any other SEO services and SEO tips, contact us for assistance.

5 Link-Building Strategies Approved by Google Penguin


The search engine optimization services world has drastically changed since the implementation of Google’s mighty algorithm changes. Panda sought to raise good, interesting and informative content from the mire of shoddy SEO company practices and Penguin soon followed to clean up the remaining messes left by shady blackhat tricks that had built up over the previous years. The targeted result was to provide a pleasant and enjoyable user experience that had before suffered at the hands of these practices before Panda and Penguin arrived on the scene.

In this writing, we will focus on five link-building local marketing strategies we got from an known Roofing SEO - Shibga Media Roofing SEO Marketing [2018], that can help your website ranking, but are still approved under the watchful eye of Google’s Penguin algorithms.

1. Ensure You Link to Inner Pages

Backlinks solely to your homepage will catch the eye of Penguin every time. Of course, your homepage is important and should be linked to often. However, the inner pages of your website is generally where the meaty content lies and SEO services backlinks should be provided to these sources as well.

When you post interesting articles, blogs, or videos to your inner pages, be sure to direct traffic to these as well as your homepage. You can also force more visits to your inner pages by supplying keywords that specifically deal with the subject matter of those pages. SEO Advantage services that provide a good balance of homepage versus inner pages are what Google is looking for.

Supply Links to Good Content

According to the recent reviews by Roofing SEO - Shibga Media Roofing SEO Marketing [2018] The above point is only valid if the content you are providing links for is of high quality. You do not want to send visitors to pages that have poor content, have a lot of grammatical errors, are stuffed with cloddy keywords, have been duplicated from other sites, are fluffy and uninformative, etc.

Google has made content king even over keywords. If you link to poor content then you are certain to get nailed by either Penguin or Panda and the results aren’t pleasant.

Mix Up Your Anchor Texts

Another SEO services practice that ruffles the Penguin’s feathers is the same key phrase being used for all your texts, titles, et al as well as all the people linking to you. This on-site/off-site over-optimization used to be one of those “acceptable” practices that was easy and got a lot of links in the past, but under the new rules you’ll get pecked by the Penguin.

Therefore, to raise your ratings and stay away from the pecking Penguin, you need to mix up your anchor text. Not only use a variety of anchor text for your site, but allow those linking to you to create their own anchor texts naturally when doing so. Don’t force the issue.

Go for the Gold of Quality

Many people get caught up in seo services trying to produce numbers. However, this can get you into trouble with Google’s Penguin. Again, in the past, it was an acceptable SEO services practice to seek out 50 backlinks from other sites. The problem with going for the numbers is that many of these sites are probably poor and on Penguin’s chopping block so if you link to them under the new guidelines, you’ll get whacked too.

It is far better to ensure that you have five or ten links to good quality sites than to try and play the numbers game. Under Penguin’s eye, going for quality links gets you the golden egg of reward.

Ensure You Are Being Social

Last, but definitely not least, make sure you are utilizing social media sites. Social media has grown into an SEO services phenomenon that can get you crazy amounts of backlinks to your homepage and internal pages. If you are not tapping into the power of the people then you are totally missing the meaning of SEO services and what the whole ball of wax is about. Fix Now Media has amazing options how to do it properly.
Therefore, when you create a new post, blog, video, etc, be sure to add a link to it on every social media site you can. All those Follows, Likes, Retweets, and +1s add up to produce a cash cow. Google in particular has developed their +1 program to directly acknowledge each click as an endorsement of your page. The more of those precious +1s you get, the higher your Google ranking soars.

Apply these Penguin approved link-building local marketing strategies and watch your page rankings improve.

Search Engine Optimization Explained - What You Need to Know

Ever catch your self scratching your head in utter confusion whenever somebody around you mentions something about search engine optimization?

If so you're certainly not alone.  

Learning search engine optimization gets tougher and tougher as time goes on.

Having said that take a look at the following article that explains what search engine optimization is all about.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy – Explained

What is Search Engine Optimization

This is a term that is kicked around a lot these days, and marketers are still reaping huge fees for it from customers. It’s been around a while, but many businesses are just starting to investigate the concept of Search Engine Optimization and how it impacts their own business.

Simply put, it refers to activities that attempt to improve the ‘ranking’ of a website in search engine listings. When users type a keyword (let’s use ‘plumbers’ as an example) into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), that search engine returns a list of website links that are ranked by the search engine based on numerous criteria. The goal of these search engines is to prioritize links that are more relevant to the user’s keyword search. How these search engines rank links differs, but most place emphasis on the relevance of content on the site and the popularity of the site.

Do I need Search Engine Optimization?

Let’s use the yellow pages to answer that question. How important is/was yellow pages advertising to your business? If you are in certain industries or service lines, it may not be important at all. But, if you need stand out against your competition when new customers are searching for you, then you probably need search engine optimization for your website.

What do I do about Search Engine Optimization?

Here’s the first thing you need to know, which will help explain what you’re trying to accomplish – search engines have replaced yellow pages. Your page ranking on a search listing indicates to the user that your site is both relevant to their search and considered important by other users. Hopefully, the user will click on the first few sites and find your website. Your website design then takes over.

To improve your ranking, two things need to occur. Because search engines ‘crawl’ the Internet looking for links, text, etc., your site needs to be designed (good programming, not flashy graphics) in such a way that the search engines are able to successfully crawl your site and find information. Without going into extensive detail, there are certain structural elements that need to be in place that allow this to happen. Good website designers know how to do this, but you can also design your own website using one of the many do-it-yourself packages (WordPress, Google Sites, Intuit, The framework is already designed into the site templates for you....More at search engine optimization Strategy – Explained - GRand Solutions

For more information on how SEO works take a look at the following video by Google spokesman Matt Cutts:


Inhouse vs Agency SEO - Make Sure To Ask The Right Questions

These days it's not too hard to convince small business owners of the many benefits that come from a well orchestrated search engine optimization campaign.

Afterall it's pretty easy for them to understand that the more targeted prospects that find their website the more sales they make.

That's a fairly simple concept to grasp.

But with more and more search engine optimization firms appearing on the Internet landscape it's getting harder for those same small business owners to decide on which SEO specialist Perth to go with for their online marketing needs.

With that in mind we found a pretty good article that shares questions business owners should ask before hiring a search engine optimization firm or employee to handle their search engine optimization needs.

We hope you find the article as informative as we have.

10 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Agency or In-House Search Engine Optimization

Written By: Adam Dince

If your organization is looking to improve organic search rankings and performance, it’s important that you have the right people in place to get the job done well.  Not the “quick/cheat the algorithm” well, but the long-term well that comes with a sound strategy that builds equity the honest way.

In order to get your search engine optimization where it needs to be, I’ve created a list of 10 questions that any seasoned search engine optimization should be able to answer with no problem.  Your organic search performance is only going to be as good as the team you hire to do the job, so it’s important to ask the right questions.  Also, you or non-search engine optimizationteam members have a high-level understanding of the answers to the questions below.  If this is new to you, I challenge you to search the Web and research away.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


  1. , which can help you effectively manage and scale your SEO operations.  Its’ important that your team have used these tools or at least have the acumen to do so....More at 10 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Agency or In-House Search Engine Optimization AdamDince ...


Warning: The following video has absolutely nothing to do with anything you just read.  We just thought you might like to see Matt Cutts acting like a dinosaur.  🙂