Beef Up Your Backlinks with Guest Posts


Guest posting is a wonderful local marketing tool that is often encouraged and employed by companies offering seo and auto pilot seo services. Guest posts can generate a lot of good quality backlinks which are essential for advancing your search engine optimization rankings and if you’re not utilizing guest posts then you are missing out on a grand opportunity. Here’s why.

Exposure and Quality Backlinks

The two greatest local marketing benefits you receive when guest posting are exposure and good quality backlinks to your website. First of all, you are placing your material somewhere besides just on your own site. This means that the audiences of all those you guest post for are being exposed to your insight, style, advice, etc. Then, as members of the host audiences take an interest in your posts, they follow your links to your site to glean more information from you.

Not only do guest posts raise your exposure to other audiences and provide precious backlinks to your site, but it pleases the mighty Panda as well. Google’s Panda updates include searching for those sites which use responsible SEO services to acquire good quality backlinks. Therefore, when you post as a guest for quality websites that are within or related to your particular niche, Panda sits up and takes notice. This increases your exposure and banklinks even further due to the fact that Google raises your rankings and more people have access to your site when making searches.

Select Good Blogs for Submitting Guest Posts

The first rule of guest posting is to hook up with quality blogs and websites as Panda will penalize you otherwise. You have to break the “more is better” mentality and focus on SEO services that utilize quality over quantity. So how do you find good blogs for submitting guest posts? Good question.

You can start by searching for good posts with Google. Enter the term “guest post” followed by the keyword(s) that represents the niche of your website. Go through the results, look over the sites and their blogs, and make a shortlist of some of the best ones. Using a ranking service will help you gain even better results.

Once you have your shortlist, start by submitting a post to one blog owner at a time asking to look over and possibly include your writing in their blog. Not all will comply, but some will and the results you get from linking to good blogs and using good local marketing practices will be well worth the effort. Be sure to include backlinks to your site within your text. You can include them in the byline or in the body of the text which actually gets better ranking results. After you submit your posts, check the site(s) daily to see if they have been posted.

Really big tip: do NOT submit the same writing to more than one blog host at a time as this is now considered a bad SEO services practice. There are two very good reasons for this. One is that Panda will penalize the host sites for publishing duplicate content. A direct result of that will be that the hosts will obtain a very bad taste in their mouths towards you thus tarnishing your reputation and hurting your chances of being able to provide guest posts to reputable sites at all (news spread quickly in the online world of bloggers).

Should you need a helping hand with guest posting, backlinking strategies, or any other SEO services and SEO tips, contact us for assistance.